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In this episode we talk about being in the flow - what that means, why it's imporant to be in the flow, and how to get in the flow. We also talk about what we've been up to (and why we haven't recorded a podcast in a while), how David Wolfe taught Gill anything is possible, Ange and her goal to help 10,000 families, and we feature amazing local talent, songstress Allison Brown!  

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In this holiday episode, Ange + Gill talk about The Dalai Lama, holiday perspective shifts, saying no + letting go, water hunting +, what it actually means to live life to the fullest, how to get clear on how you want the holiday to feel, finding your inner calm, leading by example, sacred chocolate, and more!  

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In this episode we talk to Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love and author of Daily Love: Growing into Grace. We talk to Mastin about finding your purpose, facing your deepest fears, the hierachy of power, how to follow your bliss, "spritutal brats", spirtual entertainment, Mastin's non-negotiable health habits and MORE! We also have bloopers that rival Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper. 

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This second BONUS podcast is a recording of the Keynote talk Gill gave at "Bustin Out", an event that empowers breast cancer warriors. The talk was all about empowering women, and it addressed topics such as fear, courage, and how the privilege of a lifetime is being who YOU are. 

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In this episode Ange + Gill talk about what they did on their "summer sabbatical" + which books they've read during it. They also talk about having fear, being fearless, & the science/biology of fear. They talk about telling fear stories, what makes them feel afraid, strategies they both use to show courage in the face of fear, & they end with the best quote ever! #befearless

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In this episode we talk about the simplest, most effective thing YOU can do everyday to be happier with Five Minute Journal co-founder UJ Ramdas. It's been proven over and over again that shifting your focus to the positive can dramatically improve your happiness. The key is consistency. This journal has been created by combining the proven elements of positive psychology that can make all the difference in your life.

In this episode with talk to UJ {from Bali} about how the journal was created, why you need a toothbrush for your mind, how important routines are, walking meetings, positive psychology, how to solve the problem of a scary blank page when journaling, why you should never go to sleep without a request to your unconscious mind, and how + when a gratitude practice can change your life.  

You will find the Five Minute Journal is a great way to start and end the day. 

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In this episode we talk about why it's important to pause and let the good things in life really sink in. We reflect back on the podcast since the beginning {over a year and half ago}, and we talk about lessons and memories we've experienced along the way. As we enter August {and take that month as a podcast sabbatical}, we discuss how this is a really PAUSE-itive time to stop and reflect. We also chat about what we are going to do in the upcoming month and give thanks to all of YOU for joining us on this journey! {And we sing Bryan Adams in the bloopers}

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Sustainability is more than trees + whales, it's about US! In this episode we talk to Stephen Szucs about making sustainability EASY for the "average Joe/Jo". Stephen talks about the #RETHINK Tour - his trip on a solar & pedal powered trike from Canada to Key West amplifying the voice of sustainable change in an effort to create the world's largest sustainability network!

We talk about why we can't keep heading in the direction we are headed and expect to survive, following your passion, why it's important to feel the fear and do it anyway, what happens if you don't even try to fulfill your dreams, and how together we can move in a sustainable direction.

For more information please visit

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In this episode Ange & Gill talk about simple solutions that make modern stresses {think e-mail/phones}, and they talk about things they do in their lives to help keep things simple and de-stress and share their favourite tips, tools, and e-books. They also talk about Steve Jobs inspired walking meetings, using Siri, and eating frogs every morning. Gill also announces her new role on the advisory board at and talkes about her experience guest hosting on HSN + Ange shares some upcoming events, classes, and webinars! 

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In this episode we talk to trailblazing author Stefani Ruper about her new book Sexy by Nature. We talk about how to trailblaze, nourish, live, overcome, and STRUT as well as what it REALLY means to be naturally sexy, Stef's personal journey to real health, why our culture celebrates discipline and restriction {and why that is backwards thinking}, and so much more!! 

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