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April 2014
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#028: Carter Walls & reaching your full athletic potential!
On this episode we interview Carter Walls, owner and head trainer at the Sport Science Lab in London, Ontario. We have a "next level" fitness talk with Carter about the scientific foundation behind the methodology he uses to train elite athletes {pro-hockey and football players, UFC fighters} or athletes with an elite mindset, how to ‘build’ athletes and athleticism, why heavy squats don’t contribute optimally to the athletic development process, how we can all be athletic and develop full athletic potential at any age, safety in training, how to train power/speed/explosiveness, crossfit + calluses, training in the water, and more!  

{This episode also marks HHDiary history - it is the first time a guest sang part of their intro song!!} 
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BONUS: Spiritual Nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

In this first ever bonus episode we interview Dr. Gabriel Cousens, one of the world's foremost authorities on living food nutrition, holistic lifestyle, & complementary medicine. Dr. Cousens talks openly about his life's journey, spiritual nutrition, divine behaviour modification, Kundalini, surrendering to your inner drive, spiritual fasting, being a multi-dimensional being, divine urges, how life truly is a love story, blending vs. juicing, how prayer is a self-transformative practice and more!

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In this episode we have a very honest conversation with author, lawyer, and speaker Brian Cuban about his struggles with eating disorders, addiction, body image, attempted suicide, his book Shattered Image: My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder, & more!

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#026 - Holistic approaches & tactics to turn common challenges + struggles around

In this episode Ange & Gill share their personal "go to’s" when they face common challenges and struggles – including sleep problems, fighting the first signs of a cold, sugar cravings, feeling unmotivated or tired, and digestive challenges! We also share authors that inspire us - and have our most epic bloopers ever {at the end}!

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In this episode Ange & Gill talk about their upcoming retreat with Rich Roll + Julie Piatt, essential oils, meditation, have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. throwback, & Gill has a dance party! They also talk about why they passionately believe why you should invest in yourself and they give tips they both personally do to fill their cups on a daily basis. #loveyourself {produced by Ed von Aderkas at 94.9 CHRW}

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Ange & Gill sit down with our friend Dr. B.J. Hardick to discuss everything you need to know about sugar - our top sweetner picks + the ones we use personally, the truth about aspartame, what "gooey liquids" we like, and so much more!! We also talk about our new show on Rogers {channel 13}, our upcoming retreat with Rich Roll + Julie Piatt, try B.J.'s yummy treats, and more! 

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In this episode we talk about how to spend {and budget} your green responsibly, each give our top 3 tips to eat healthy on a budget, and discuss local vs organic vs conventional produce. Gill also shares her bone broth recipe, Ange talks about her upcoming webinars, and we chat about our upcoming show on Rogers TV.

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In this episode we talk about why looking back is important - and we look back at 2013 and talk about the first year of the Holistic Health Diary podcast as well as personal experiences. Gill also shares her health and fitness journey and talks about being a bikini model, what she learned from that experience, and how she came to be a student of her body. We talk about goal setting - how we do it personally as we begin the New Year!

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